#1 It starts with a small bet.☝🏻💫

Many people wish to venture or change something but they wait, paralyzed, for that brilliant idea that will propel them into action.

The truth is, successful creators do not start with great ideas, they discover them.

For example, Larry Page and Sergey Brin never envisioned the Google we know today when they started. They discovered it along the way by making small bets...

Photo: Google.com

Bet #1 Prioritize library searches online as part of the Stanford Digital Library Project.

Bet #2 Realizing the potential of their algorithm, they formulated their goal to "organize the world's information" but with no functional business model.

Bet #3 Borrowed and improved the revenue model of their competition at the time called GoTo.com (renamed Overture) to create Google AdWords.

The first month after implementing this new model their monthly revenue doubled.

This was Google's break. Google Adwords was the missing piece that catalyzed its exponential growth and positioned it to become the world-changing company we know today.

The Takeaway: 

Don't over-plan and overcomplicate. Instead, do things to discover what you should do

What is the Minimum Initial Bet (MIB) you need to make?

Let me know what you think.

All the best!

María Albert

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